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I recently bought a 2012 OB wagon and am wanting to install a trailer hitch. I have tried searching this thread and have read mostly good reviews on the different hitches. I am looking for the one that is the most hidden/unobtrusive. Looks like the Curt may be the least 'ugly' of the bunch. ;)
I also found (on ebay) a company called Custom Hitch selling a hitch (part number ECH661372) that looks every bit identical to the Curt but cheaper. Priced at $151.99 vs. $20-25 more for the Curt at most places. Has anyone here used this hitch?

One more question, I still have my wiring connector from my 2002 OB and was wondering if I could just snip off the plug and wire it to the 2012 model for it to work. Money is tight so a guy has to save money whenever he can.

Is there a page on here that has pictures of the different hitches and what they look like mounted? I have seen a couple that hang down and to me are ugly looking.

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