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2005 Outback XT Limited 5EAT
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I'm due for a new set of tires and came across the Pirelli Scorpion Verde on Tire Rack: Here

Has anyone tried these? The initial reviews are very good, but limited. Also, not sure about the winter snow/ice capabilities.

I am leaning toward the Goodyear ComforTred in either 215/60/17 or the stock 225/55/17 but thought the Pirellis looked interesting. The Goodyears are about $100 cheaper after rebate.

I am coming off Goodyear Eagle GTs which I am am very disappointed in from a treadlife perspective (~30,000 miles and just about done). I want to keep a good cornering tire for my XT, but can't go for dedicated winters right now, so a reasonably good all season is needed. I would be really happy with a bit of a more comfortable and quiet ride, too. The GTs are really loud now but actually did just fine for me in the snow.
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