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A local Subaru enthusiast said he ran across a 2001 OBW in the Atlanta South pull-a-part with black leather seats. . . fronts are gone but I only need the rear, and the door panels if available. Black leather is pretty rare in that vintage and I've got a car I'm trying to score a complete leather interior for. Already have a set of seats from a sedan but the rear won't work.

Anyway, if you're nearby and don't care to run in and grab them for me, I'll happily reimburse you for the seats, your admission fee, and of course, your time and trouble. I just want to grab them before the car gets crushed. Pull A Part turns stuff pretty quick so I'd expect it'll be either completely trashed or crushed in a couple of weeks. I know I can't make that trip anytime soon. . . so the last favor is, can you hang onto them until January? Building a house and it's eating all my time up.

Of course I'll pay either up front or as soon as they're pulled. You don't have to wait for me to come get them to get reimbursed.

Any takers?​
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