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Anyone install a OBX Helical or other LSD?

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I was wondering if anyone on here had installed the OBX or other LSD on their 5MT? On the Legacy forum, several owners have done this and rave about it as the best modification they have done.

Any personal experience or advice would be appreciated.
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Not a 5 speed MT, but a front LSD anyhow....

I installed a Modena torque biasing diff in the JDM VTD 4EAT in my SVX and a Quaife Torsen in the rear....

Now that we have a foot of snow the traction is awesome. The whole car is transformed.... and it goes up a snowy hill much, much better than my 06 3.0R Outback :). Both running same tires - studded Nokian Hakkapeliitta 7s.

I had Detroit Truetracks in both axles of my offroad Range Rover. The TBDs a great, especially in the snow and on slippery slopes - they do not try to balance the speed, but the torque. They retain open diff steering properties - a huge benefit over a "locker" - but naturally suffer if axles are crossed and two wheels are in the air. Also they are quite gentle to the drive train components. Shock loads are controlled.

Traction project - The Subaru SVX World Network

Kind regards from Finland,


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I got my hands on a JDM transmission & matching rear diff with FRONT & REAR aftermarket Clutch type LSDs.

The rear diff is set to lock very aggressively compared to the front - car handles well & grips like a pitbull on a tasty bone.

Folks on RS25 have installed / used these with good results.
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