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I hope you mean locating such at a junk yard, and repainting them,....vs. buying them at $100 plus new.


according to this:

the offset for a 2017 outback should be 48-55mm,

and your Ford rims are only Offset (mm): 44.5

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usually center bores are wrong.
not too worried there
The vast majority of aftermarket wheels are not offered with a Subaru 56.1 hub bore. Also the tapered lug nut for a steel wheel will do the job of centering the wheel. I鈥檓 more worried about the effects of the lower offset creating a handling problem or premature wear on steering components. Wheel size notes a lot about the changes to scrub radius but is assuming the factory setup is zero. I haven鈥檛 been able to figure out if that is true or not. I鈥檝e read that a little positve scrub radius is good but how much more is bad? Method wheels only have a 38 or 42 offset and seem to be a popular option on Subaru鈥檚.
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