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Anyone upgrade HK NAV head unit on 4th Gen Outback?

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I just bought a new to me 2011 outback with HK nav unit and want to keep HK speakers and amp but upgrade HU to android play platform.
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Its not too bad. I upgraded to an aftermarket unit when we had a '12. You'll need the radio, the appropriate dash kit, harness and a steering wheel adapter if you want to keep that. If you had BT originally the OEM mic will not work with the new H/U, but you can put the new mic in the OEM location with a little effort. There should be more than a few threads in the 4th get forums if you need more information.
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Thanks I will google for the project list. Which HU did you upgrade to?
I used an Kenwood Excelon unit, a DNX940 maybe (I can't remember the exact number). If I remember correctly I did a write up in the 4th gen forums if you search for it. Some of the info won't pertain directly since I had a '12.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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