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Anyone Use BlueDriver or FIXD?

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While I'm not having any issues with my 2015 Outback, I ordered the BlueDriver, because I wanted to have it handy, for when the day comes I need something to let me know what's going on with my car.
I also got a FIXD reader, because it was on sale, but haven't signed up for the monthly service.
The FIXD reader, seems to work well, but I liked what I read, about the BlueDriver, that it has more features than FIXD, so I ordered it too, LOL!
Anyway, when I got the BlueDriver the other day, I had it do a full scan, and it triggered an SRS airbag warning!
It freaked me out, so I let it finish, then restarted the car.
Thankfully, the code cleared, so I thought I'd try it again, same thing!
I contacted them via email and phone, and have yet to hear back from them.
I'm scared to death, to use it again, because I don't want the airbags exploding in my face, or risk the thing messing up my dang car!
Anyone had something like this happen with the BlueDriver? Thankfully, I purchased it from Amazon, so if I don't hear anything back from them next week, I'll be returning it, because there's no way I'm risking my car over it.
So far, the FIXD device seems to be working OK.

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I got BlueDriver several years ago and like it's ability to scan most modules. I say most because found it didn't read air bag codes on an 07 Cadillac SRX. Haven't used it on the OB so can't comment on your situation. It is a little slow in reading all the modules but a minor issue
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I think what's concerning to me is, that I haven't heard back from them.
I started the ticket Thursday, so unless there's some odd holiday in Canada, I can't understand why it's taking so long to hear back.
It'll be interesting to hear their answer, when they finally do get back to me...
Since it's been awhile I can't recall where I found the info of what modules it couldn't read on the SRX but I didn't have to actually contact them. Maybe their website had the info or a web search. Any case wish you success!
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