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2005 Outback LL Bean 3.0R
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I have an 05 Outback LL Bean and the TPMS is flashing. Discount Tire says it's likely a low battery, but they can't pinpoint which one. Well, the most logical solution is to replace all 4 and be good for a few more years.

Then, I started doing research through all the TPMS posts here and other Subaru sites and haven't been able to find any experience using Dorman TPMS sensors:

2005-2008 Subaru Outback TPMS Sensor - Body Mechanical & Trim - Dorman 05-08 Outback TPMS Sensor - 18222-05056107 - PartsGeek

These will be about $160 for the set of 4 (which is the cheapest I've seen).

Has anyone successfully used these Dorman TPMS sensors? Can any major tire shop re-program them?
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