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(Euchre, yours is gonna be one of these)

So I'm getting four bumpers reshot and one tow hook cover. . . I know I get asked about those a lot so thought I'd check and see if anyone wants to spring for a new one while I've got my stuff in the body shop.

My cost on a tow hook cover is $32. I'll check with the body shop but if I'm getting them shot at the same time as the bumpers I'd say no more than about $20-25 for paint and labor.

Paint code for the stuff I'm getting resprayed is 89N, titanium frost. Very common on 2nd gen OB's. If you need a different color, start your own group buy :p;)

I'll check on the cost to paint but I'll guarantee you it'll be cheaper to get it done if they've already got the paint mixed v.s. getting a single one shot.

There would be a cutoff date that'll have to be firm for this to work. No $$$ by the time of the cutoff, no painted cover. Sorry.

At this point it's a feeler. If you're interested, post to this thread. I'll solidify things with the body shop in a few days if there's enough interest.
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