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2010 Outback Diesel Premium with SatNav, Satin White Pearl
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After a service at about 13,000km, my 2010 diesel outback started making an annoying droning noise when cold. Before this the noise was not present. I have driven another diesel and cannot hear the noise at all. It starts at around 2000rpm and moves up the rev range as the engine warms up. In the video it starts around 2800rpm. After about 10mins it is mostly gone, but still can be heard if rev nearly to red line.

It has been back to dealer for over a week and they have not fixed it so far, or identified where it is coming from. If anyone can assist with a similiar issue or any suggestions that would be most helpful.

It happens when car is parked or moving and is at such a frequency that gets right in your head when driving.

Have posted on YouTube

IMG 0993 - YouTube

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