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Cars are also very expensive in Ireland and especially for road tax ( our roads are not very good ) my 2.5L outback costs over €1000/year for road tax alone and petrol is €1.50/ltr
My friend owns a CL 500 Merc and its €2500 yr for road tax
Same car in UK is about €450/yr for road tax..

Just thought I would add a little to the thread


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1) Where are you? Moscow, Russia
2) What car are you driving? WRX 07 hawk eyed devil, 2014 outback 2.5 "sofa on wheels"
3) Any club or suggested meet, or route tips? Subaru Team Russia (here is, forester-club-moscow and so on. well, i guess it's almost northern Europe lol=)

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Thanks! Very nice of you.

And yep, Tahiti is great especially if you like the ocean, snorkeling or surfing (which I do a lot). But as much as I love my outback, I don't think I'll bring it back to Tahiti--a little truck is a bit more suitable there. But again, I may change my mind..

If you don't mind me asking, I have a couple things I am trying to modify (if I can) before I come to Norway:

1. You have a rear fog light right? I believe it is the left light on the trunk right? cause here, the lights on our trunk are just back up light. I'd like to modify mine so that it becomes a rear fog light...Do you have a separate switch for it on your dashboard or something? Or does the rear fog light turn on when you turn on the front fog lights? Picture of the switch would be awesome!
2. In America, the front blinkers (amber colors) stay continually on when we turn on our front headlights during nighttime. I know in Tahiti or France, it is not the case. These blinkers are only on intermittently when we signal turning . Is that the case for you?
3. Does your front headlights stay always on even during the day? They now have this feature here in America for safety reasons. They stay on but they are not as bright as if it was night time.
4. Finally I would love to see how your instrument cluster looks like--how different it is to mine...I can also post a picture of mine so we can compare..I just want to see your speedometer, and the lights that turn on in the cluster when you switch on the headlights and stuff.

If you can't do that. That's OK. But I am just trying to get ready in advance.

In NZ New Zealand the indicator lenses have been for the last 20 years; are white front and rear using orange (amber) bulbs and only operate as indicators or hazards together.

The single rear red fog light (several leds clustered together - shares one of the reversing light enclosures mounted on the same side as the driver for left or right hand drive)

It operates with front bumper fog lights from light "stalk" indicator switch
- a separate rotary sleeve switch inside the main light position switch ( on end of indicator lever switch)
Park (position) lights (white front - red rear) need to be switched on before fog lights can operate.
this is independent of head lights.

There is no Auto headlight / daytime running light position on my car ie gen 3 06 facelift Outback but it is a feature on later cars here since 09 (gen 4) etc

Fog lights can be operated with or without headlights here. By law here (NZ) you're not supposed to run with fog lights and headlights but most do / use especially at night. ie not enforced.

Fog lights are permanently dipped mounted low in front bumper and are not considered an issue to be used.

- I use fogs as day time running lights - less annoying than headlights being used as day time running lights especially when not dipped. but switch off at night and use headlights only as this is less annoying to oncoming traffic. and provide little if any extra lighting ahead at night.

All lights go off when ignition key switching engine off.

This is what its like on my present car ie 3rd Gen. 06 facelift Outback 2nd hand ex Japan JDM and similar NZDM cars are similar also.

Imagine these components would be available from ex JDM importers.

White reverse light left, rear fog light right - with rear tail lights sorry poor picture quality

front park/side lights with fog lights

fog light position switch

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