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I have a 2018 Outback Premium 2.5i. During nighttime when interior dash lights are illuminated red for visibility, I notice that the lock/unlock, window buttons, on each of the four doors do not illuminate with the rest of the red interior. The only button on door that does illuminate is the side mirrors adjustment bottom on the driver side top of the door button list. Because of this lack of illumination, it makes it difficult to see in the dark to lock/unlock doors or operate window. I have to turn on map lights or use cell phone to provide enough light to be able to see what button I want to operate (most often locking the car from the interior with the door before leaving the vehicle). The photo I have included shows the driver side corner of the front dash on the right and the driver door on the left. You can see that only the left/right side mirror button is illuminated and easy to see - no others on door. Is this normal?



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