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but mine is downshifting when it should not and then up shifting again. i get the flashing AT Temp light most times when driving the car, but not always. and re-starting the engine will usually clear the flashing for a bit, but not long.

.......but here is the kicker, no CELs and the AT Temp light is NEVER flashing at start up, never. it flashes only when driving the car. the TCU never throws a code, at start up, at least the AT Temp light never indicates one at start up.

Have(had) a similar issue, but mine popped up after I maladjusted my TPS.
Still haven't checked it with VM yet but turning it forward and just using the scanner to watch values down to 4.35% has eliminated my issue.
Just a thought.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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