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Audio system help please!

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Purchased a used 2003 Outback wagon and discovered that the audio system has power but only on occasion will it put out sound. 99% of the time it works it is in the afternoon. Only once did it work in the AM. Replaced this unit with an OEM identical unit. Same results. Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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Same problem, my previous owner said that all of the speakers worked but went out 1 by 1 and the stereo still powers on and functions. Super weird and annoying. I am going to try hitting it with a hammer
Having the same issue, except no sound at any time, no pop whiz or anything.

Replaced head unit, same issue. I just purchased my 03 wagon 2 days ago.

Thought maybe the speakers were missing, but they are

Hope someone has an answer. Don't know if there is an aux amp somwhere in the system that might have a blown fuse or??? Find it hard to beleive all 4 speakers are blown or that it has that major of a wiring issue.
Just realized this is from 2012, did you solve the problem? If so how?
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