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Auto-leveler and SRH problem

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Outback 2018. At one point error came that auto leveler is disabled and the corresponding amber light was lit
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In few seconds, another error message: "SRH is disabled" appeared, and SRH warning started to flash. SRH stopped working. This happened few months ago.
Since then, these two error happens intermittently (always together). Sometimes, they don't happen for days, sometimes they happen few minutes after starting the car. Sometimes they stays for the whole trip, sometimes they disappear by itself in few minutes and then appear again.
Immediately after startup, errors never appear and one can see that SRH calibrates/test itself (light beams go left and right). When there is no warning light, SRH works well. This indicates that the motors are OK, I guess.
Another symptom, is that vertical calibration of the lights fluctuates, sometimes they are very low, sometimes they are OK.
I have checked the electrical connectors to headlights modules. They seem to be OK.
My guess is that it might be sensor problems, but would this affect SRH?
Any idea how to try to find the root cause of the problem?
Thanks, everybody!
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There aren't many discrete components to check for the problem you're experiencing. If your vertical leveling isn't always correct when it's operational, I would look at the rear height sensor for any apparent damage or wiring/connector issues. The PDF has info on that. You wouldn't think a leveling fault would disable SRH, but lots of these advanced features are interdependent.

Is there any indication anywhere of wire damage by rodents? That's always a possible explanation for intermittent problems. The service manual lists about 15 Uxxxx & Bxxxx fault codes for the auto leveling headlamp system but you would need a scanner capable of reading those kind of codes.


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