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Auto trans + broke radiator nipple = manual radiator and trans cooler?

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So I know this topic has been beaten to a pulp, in fact I'd been planning to use a 4451 or 52 myself with the 180°F valve. However, I broke the coolant reservoir return nipple off the radiator at some point, yay me! Its not an easy fix, the break was at the endtank and is jagged, it'd be ganky at best and leaky at worst. I'm torn, do I use the manual Spec-B radiator I have from the clip and install that trans cooler setup as planned, or go bigger? Anything else for a stand-alone 5EAT cooler?

Original plan: TruCool 4452 (5,3/4x11x3/4) or 4454 (7,1/4 x 11 x 3/4)
Now? 4588 (5,3/4 x 11 x 1,1/2) or 4589 (8 x 11 x 1,1/2), note the twice as thick

I'm leaning towards the 4588 (maybe 4454), my stage 2 won't get abused and I have to account for all four seasons, but I also get none of the OEM radiator benefits. Obviously it'll get a temp valve no matter what, and I am thinking of putting it behind the upper grill with the hopes it will see slightly more stable temps.
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