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Avant Garde 18x8 Wheels

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New, never mounted Avant Garde M310 wheels 18x8 30et 5x100. machine/gun metal finish. purchased for my outback but ended up buying another set complete with tires. brandddd new. opened one box to see the wheel. they sell on ebay for $900, will sell for $750 or trade for 18x9 or 9.5 5x114.3 et25 or lower. located in Estes Park Colorado.
attatched are photos of wheel and sample photo of how it looks vehicles. thanks!


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Thanks! my turbo project got sidetracked... first it was ducati, then I came signature away from trading it in for 13' 3.6r SAP ... then I just bought 13 Evo X instead. so turbo project is back on!
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