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Average tire life before changing all 4.

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Hello folks,

the factory tires on my 09 impreza obs and 2010 ob 2.5i are wearing nice and evenly. i'm going on to 60k on the impreza and 50k on the outback. Me and the wife do not drive agressively meaning usually under speed limit, no hard braking or cornering.
Question: There's a lot of meat left on the tires of both vehicles...probably in the range of 55-65% tread left. I was wondering at what milage most people take the plunge to change all four of them. I suppose i can wait until i have a flat on one of them before swaping out all of them but wouldn't want that kind of unexpected expense....especially if i'm far from home.

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Tire tread is not the only thing you need to be concerned with. The lifespan of a tire, regardless of the wear is 5 years. At 5, the tire starts to break down and cracking will develop. Regardless of tread wear, keep an eye on the area of the tire where the tread meets the sidewall and the space between tread lines. When you see cracking develop, start shopping.
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