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So, after about a year of my backup camera och my 2014 OB having intermittent issues and finally giving up the ghost completely with, I broke down and sought help. The first idea was to try and pick the original camera apart (Clarion) and to my amazement, it was literally filled with dirt and rust, renovating or cleaning it would simply not work.
Next idea was to buy a new camera from my local car stereo dealer and install to my otherwise original HU. I got a fair prize on a new Alpine camera (which has the right specifications) but when the local shop tried to connect it, it simply would not show picture. Note, the new camera is not using the original video feed wires but a new one has been installed.
This is now turning into a nightmare.
The HU (Fujitsu Ten FT0036A) seems to accept the camera by all means possible but refuses to show a picture.The local guy has tried everything (connected to other 12v source, tried another camera, measured up the correct currents etc) but its still refusing. When going into settings on the HU, it detects when i place the car in reverse as well as when the parkingbrake is engaged etc.
Since the display is showing everything else correctly such as NAV, audio, BT etc, I dont think its the screen itself but the HU OR some sort of switch that might had gotten damage when the old camera started to act up.
Plowing through the web, ive stumbled upon a couple of possible things and this is where i need the collective intelligence of this forum.
Could the SPDT or SPST switches be the culprit, and if so, how can these be located and bypassed/replaced?
Does the HU need some sort of resistance on the incoming 12V cable to work? the camera is now feed from the ignition rather than the HU itself.
Any other ideas?


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