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Hi all I'm New to the site. I'm actually looking for help with my moms Baja.

I'm not new to the car world so i'm looking for some good technical info from a possible suby tech.

This is the deal. Got the OEM light kit for the cargo rail on top the roof of a 05 baja turbo.

Installed the lights they don't work.

I'll leave out the tearing apart stuff and get to the bottom line.

Hooked up the switch with the wire taped behind the radio and hvac.

Installed the Relay in the only spot available the third spot.

The kit also came with a barrel type relay that plugs into the side of the fuse box. No wires anywhere for that one. There is already two installed. In where it would go. Plus the instructions i got from subaru USA has two models a 000 and a 200

Next i ripped the dummy plug out and put in the sport harness in its place. No 12v signal in the back at all. either in the 4pin connector or in the two pin connector for the lights.

Really thats all the electrical there is for these dumb lights.

i checked for empty fuse slots. none
i checked all the fuses in the engine and driver compartment.

the owners manual says it should be on circuit 7 which is cargo lights, sport lights and windshield de icer.

The relay has one 12v and 1.8v showing out of the 4 pins. i was told it should have 2 12v signals

Im if a tech were to follow these instructions he'd be there for a week.

Please help me

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OH MY GOD. I honestly thought you were joking about the handbrake thing.

You were right. I'm glad I drive a Nissan Z.

I've been bangin my head and calling everyone i know to get advice and not one said anything about the hand brake.

Why subaru dealers and america couldn't just tell me is dissapointing
i guess i'll email the girl at subaru usa and tell her the story.

I must say though if anyone is considering getting the OEM sport lights. You could save alot of money buying aftermarket and get them to come on when you want without the handbrake.

I guess my next mod will be fix the switch in the ebrake but I wonder how i can do that and get rid of the light in the dash that says brake.

Thanks to internet forums we can fix all sorts of problems manufacturers fail to mention. :D

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It's not a Subaru thing, its a DOT thing.

Auxulary mounted lights (not fog lights, not driving lights) must not be operated while the vehicle is moving. The only way to GUARANTEE that, is to wire them to ONLY come on when the ebrake is pulled up. If I'm not mistaken the Jeep "Liberty" has the same problem with their roof mounted lights.

There is also a law that states that forward mounted auxilary lights MUST be covered when the vehicle is driven on the road, but that might only be a cali thing. A friend of mine with a Land Rover Discovery has a row of 4 lights mounted on his roof rack. He's been pulled over 4 times in the last 3 years by CHP officers with nothing better to do. (no other violations...just no covers on the aux lights)

And for those of you wondering like I was... no the "clear plastic" covers or mesh "grill" (plastic or metal) don't count. (they are really rock shields). The law states the covers must be opaque.

All the Jeep Liberty's I see with the roof mounted lights have covers on each of the lights. But I see plenty of trucks/SUV's without opaque covers on their lights. I've got the clear covers on mine, and have yet to be bothered.

My guess is that the law is there to stop people from flippin' on all their aux lights and blinding the car in front of them every time they get cut off...not that I know anyone who does that kind of thing.

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Yeah, it's a highway vs. off-road issue. Back in the sealed-beam days I used to run CIBIE and Hella headlight conversions, technically illegal, but no cop ever spotted them.

I say hot-wire the lights, and just use common sense not to run them in traffic, as you would do with driving lights anyway.
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