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Baja spring swap question

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I appologize as im positive ive read it somewhere before but I cant seem to find it now... My 05 Baja springs came in the other day :5: but i cant tell the fronts appart. Which side is which? Ive spent hours looking through thread after thread and just cant seem to find it again. Which color dot goes to which side?
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Spring with the green dot is the drivers side.
Has a slightly higher spring rate than the other side.
Awesome, thanks for the quick answer. Planning to do it this weekend!
One more question, did the swap today and I replaced the rear struts but reused the front. When the steering wheel is turned when the car is sitting still there is a popping sound coming from the top of the springs. There slightly shifting on the too mount. Is this something that needs to be taken care of right away or can it wait a little while? I need to drive the car tommorrow back to school which is about 3 hours, I'm a little afraid I've messed it up but the springs are in the exact same location as the old ones
That popping is most likely the mount binding. There is something awry with the installation of the strut mount. It won't do major damage, no. It may not damage anything in the short term. Make sure the shaft nut is tight, the mount nuts are tight and listen for a worsening condition while on your drive. Get it checked as soon as possible though to lessen the chance of increasing your cost for a repair. Removal of the strut will be required to correct the problem.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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