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Battery Warmer vs Trickle Charger

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I am moving up to Lake Tahoe this winter and taking my 2013 Outback with me. I have a Deltan Battery Tender Plus that I have used on BMW's to keep there battery at max capacity when the car is sitting in the garage. I will be proably diving the outback every other day. Would I be better off buying a battery warmer for the Subaru instead of using the trickle charger in the cold Tahoe winter?
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I live at 7200'. February before last, we saw -25 degrees. Even my parked outside 4runner with the 7 yr old battery started. In fact, the only folks that had any issues with with a vehicle starting had diesels.......Without block heaters.

If you are worried about it, you can heat the entire underhood (Presuming inside parking) with simple heater based on a 200 watt light bulb, old style porcelain base mounted on a piece of wood, on the floor under the engine compartment. If you really want to get fancy, use a piece of stovepipe to make a "Stove" around the light bulb. If you get it the right height, you won't even have to move it to drive off.
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