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I'm planning to take my 2016 OB on the beach in Nantucket this summer. We vacation there every year and since trading my Jeep Wrangler, it will be fun to see what my Subie can do. I have a folding shovel, portable air compressor, traction pads, jack, tow strap, shackle for the tow point (not planning to need this stuff) tire pressure gauge when I air back up. Tire patch kit, Beach chairs and beach umbrellas.
You're going to be on Nantucket?!?! When will you be there?

I grew up spending a few weeks on Nantucket every year because my grandparents lived there. I haven't been back in probably 10+ years since my grandfather died. I'm really looking forward to getting back there!

Remember to post pics of your OB on the Nantucket beaches when you get there!!

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Anyone done any beach driving in your Gen 5 Outback? I know these cars are very capable, but I was curious about any specific tips for soft sand driving. I'll be taking my car to Pensacola, FL next month (may or may not drive on the beach) and to Nantucket Island, MA in early September (definite plans to be on the beach with it).

Based on what I've heard/read, the Outback should do great. But I don't want to do something stupid and still manage to get my car stuck. Lol!

I'd be very interested in your experiences, tips, and even pics from your time on the beach with your OB! Thanks y'all!
I recently took "Brutus" out on the Torbey Inlet beach here in Western Australia. Standard tyres down to 20psi ( will go to 18psi next time). Traction control off in some very soft sand.

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I take my Outback over sand every year on Nantucket. Air down to 15 psi, traction control off and enjoy the time at the beach.

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