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Bigger tires?

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Has anybody uses a 245/55 or 245/50 on stock wheels? how about a 235/60 vs the 235/55 that is a popular size. Id like to get something wider and better looking on the car and use the stock wheels if possible. Wife isn't going to take well to spending even more money on wheels, but we agree on how terrible the stock tires are. '12 Outback 3.6R
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Jeez. This is what I get for asking about car modding on a weenie car forum. :)

I've been lifting and 4X4ing and real trailing my Toyota trucks for years and I've lowered and resprung etc my cars forever. If you're careful and do things right, you're going to be fine and usually better than stock. Stock is meant to be conservative, soft and mainly cheap to produce. Aftermarket parts and tuning are nearly always better unless you do something wrong. Bigger tires when going from stock 265 to 305 like my FJ, yes, to you put more strain on the hubs axles etc but you learn to accept that for the better performance where you want it with that vehicle. Off road. Subie needs to be better in snow and rain and on the road. Slightly wider tires that are a much better tread and compound should help out quite a bit.
Subarus aren't Toyotas.

Well, AWD Subarus, anyways...

Meh, I put slightly bigger tires and lifted mine. If the axles go at 80,000 instead of 100,000 then I'll put new axles in and move on. No big deal.
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