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Bigger tires?

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Has anybody uses a 245/55 or 245/50 on stock wheels? how about a 235/60 vs the 235/55 that is a popular size. Id like to get something wider and better looking on the car and use the stock wheels if possible. Wife isn't going to take well to spending even more money on wheels, but we agree on how terrible the stock tires are. '12 Outback 3.6R
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The Ride!

Ninja.... I am no parking garage expert, but that looks like The Ridge at Tahoe. Thanks for the pics. I am not in need of news tires yet, but will check them out as the time gets closer.
Whoa..... Not even close! Missed it by 250 miles and 8000 feet.
1 - 2 of 37 Posts
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