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I've learned long ago not to alter the original design of the running gear of a car. I'm certain if any problems arise as a result of the customizing the warranty is in doubt. I'm no engineer but I' also certain when you alter one aspect of something mechanical it will have an effect somewhere else.
This is a bit extreme. A dealer would need to show that your modification caused the failure. Oh sure, they will say not to modify anything, but they can't blame a faulty A/C unit on the fact that you put wider tires on your car for instance.

As far as excess wear, you might be putting a modicum more pressure on the bearings if you alter the wheel offset, but you wouldn't see any effects of this for over 200k miles.

As far as speedometer and odometer, you are taking about a 1-3% difference in diameter. Instead of going 100 mph, you will really be going 97. Really not much to worry about IMO.
1 - 1 of 37 Posts
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