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Blue tooth microphone

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I just bought a '12 OB Premium and the B/T mike doesn't work right on my end. I can hear people I call just fine; they can barely hear me at best, if at all. If anyone knows of a good logical solution, pls. let me know. Thnx :confused:
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I realize this is an old thread but I'm frustrated with the poor voice quality on calls from my '12 Outback. Listening to these calls reveals wind noise, fan noise (a/c), and more; it's so bad as to render it nearly useless. I brought it up on a routine service visit at the dealer today and it was proclaimed "normal". Right. Anyone else out there ?
Hmmm, not so sure this is normal. My son just bought an XV and all the calls from him so far have been much better than calls from our OB.
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