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2012 Subaru Outback Touring with bluetooth radio system terribile. The bluetoothe function is basically in operative. Less then 50% of attempts to use voice dial response incorrect. Mic replace no better. Several phones tried same problem. Subaru Canada dropped me like a hot potatoe. State that is the performance specs for the system. Anybody had any sucess dealing with the issue.
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cant say for the 2012 but most of the ones equipped with blue connect or Bluetooth radio has seen some problems with the mics and how they do not pick up the sound of your voice just everything else...i have a altima with bluetooth and the mic is in the mirror if the 2012s came with that, that sucks alot! but if u don't i would look into them seems like the only way of adding a different mic into the car without some good modding, i use both quite alot and i always have people to me that the altima sounds sooo much better then the mic in the outback so it might have to do with just the mic it self....
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