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I've had a few people ask about these recently. Figured I'd just do a write up real quick. Also not sure what forum to post on so it's just in general.

So a while back I chanced across this cool Sortimo system from an Adam Savage video.

I thought it was an awesome idea and looked into it. I was all for it right up until I saw the price. Maybe if I had my own TV show I could afford it.

After some checking around I found something that was almost as good and much more in my price range.

I found a Stanley branded organizer that had a lot of the same features and built my own.

I ended up doing 18 and 2 seperate racks because they fit well under a table I had at the time. Added casters (with two locking in the front) to make it easier to move.

I thought about doing a single large tall rack but ultimately ended up with 2 smaller ones. It's rare I need both out at the same time.

I gave them a fun paint job with one being black (mostly parts) and one being yellow (mostly bolts/screws/nails).

It keeps a lot of functionality of the Sortimo system but at a fraction of the price (I'm in it less than 200$ for both).

Is it as well built as Adam's? Nope. Is it great for home use? Yup.

They even have their own theme song!



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Love the idea so thanks for posting.

I have seen similar containers at Harbor Freight at a lower price. However, the HF versions have movable dividers and not removable bins like you've shown.
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