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Brake and Shake

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I have a 2011 Outback with just over 21,500 miles on the clock.
Last weekend I went on a trip west on I-70 from Denver. Coming down The westbound side of Eisenhower Tunnel, east and westbound sides of Vail Pass, and Floyd Hill into Denver, I experienced a what I consider a severe wheel shake when braking.

I have been driving this route in many different cars over the last 35+ years (since Glenwood Canyon was US 6 and two lanes boys and girls) and this is the first time I have seen this happen.

I'm not 100% sure this is tied to the other shake issues our Outbacks exhibit. When driving on a flat surface at 60-70 MPH sometimes I get a very slight shake, and other times I do not - I attribute this to road surface, but may be wrong.

I have a dealer appointment next week - any thoughts would be appreciated.
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Rotors don't warp however the way people brake then sit stopped with brakes clamped down tight - can cause material to build up on the rotors which then can cause the vibration being discussed here. There are people who will always have this issue with any car due to how they drive and use the brakes - there are other people who will never have this issue because of the way they use the brakes on the car. Can you alter your braking behavior to avoid causing this issue? Sure but most people can't change their driving habits.

When braking to a stop. STop the car leaving room to roll a tad forward once stopped this helps eliminate cooking brake pad material into the discs caused by coming to a stop and sitting there with the brake pads cooking material into the disc vs rolling a tad forward to a cooler spot on the disc. At least thats what I've been told and read over the years and after doing 180,000 miles on my original discs on my last subaru and finding out that my driving habit is to do this - it makes some argument that it does work. Big long down hill runs - down shift the car! Use a lower gear to help keep speeds checked and keep the brakes cooler given you use them less.

40,000 miles on our 2010 Ob some of them towing in hilly long down hill runs etc and the brakes are smooth zero issues even with added load of towing.
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