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brake pad "slam" when first applied

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I had my brakes done on my 3.6r a year ago. After awhile they developed a "clunk" or "slam" sound when you first hit the brakes, almost as if there was a big gap between the rotor and pad and it was pushing hard into the rotors causing a "clunk" sound.

it only happens on one side (drivers) and I don't think it is suspension related since it happens regardless of how hard I press the brake pedal

Anyone ever experience this before?
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separating brake pad,...too much dust or debris in the caliper, torn or sticking rubber sleave, loose springs, and bent clips.

all can do strange things like that.

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Are the stainless steel pad retaining clips all present and accounted for?
Check that the caliper bracket mounting bolts are tight and check the play in the caliper pins.
Poor quality pads and rotor material 'will' come back to haunt you. Ask anyone with a 2008+ Dodge Caravan, who put crap Chinese rotors and EE coefficient pads on their vehicles, who later had to chase a mysterious knocking noise that developed a few weeks later.

BTW, I am intrigued by the image in your avatar. Can you blow it up and share it?:drool:

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To help sort it out, start, idle, put in "D", hold it back with the brakes and give it a little power, brakes still on, idle, put in "R", give it a little power.
If the pads are sloppy in the holders this will move them back and forth and they should make the noise.
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