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Just picked up our new 2013 Limited (Ice Silver) and it feels spectacular to have it safe and sound in our garage tonight!

I want to start by providing MANY thanks to the forum members that helped us with our questions as we were going through the buying process, perhaps especially those that were answering us in almost real time last Saturday when we were test driving! I will do my best going forward to pay this kindness forward.

I've wanted an Outback for years, but it took some time to get my wife over to the Subaru side. She has all good qualities, but can be a little fussy over aesthetics. Anyway, the thing that got her interested in Subaru was not the car itself, but their green-ness ... the good EPA score and the zero landfill impact program. And once she drove one, she was hooked. In fact, she's already claimed this as hers!

I need one further piece of information from you all. We have a kayak and two stand up paddleboards, and I need very quickly to figure the roof rack arrangement out. Is the best plan here to buy the parts direct from Subaru, or does someone sell a set of aftermarket parts (cradles, etc) for less money? I have looked through the forum, but haven't seen a discussion about this.

Thanks again, everyone, for your help, and it is a real pleasure to join your club!

Two options the pricy one is to wait for Yakima to redesign their rack feet that plug into the existing rack fittings with the original cross bars removed. This enables you to custom fit the right bar length you need to haul your rigs. Also lets you use all your existing rack components or pick up cheap used parts on craigs list. Or you can go ultra cheap like I did and use yakima Rail grabs. You leave the stock bars in the stowed position and use rail grabs to hold your crossbar again the length you need for your boats etc. I run our 54inch bar for the two bikes and roof box (its a skinny one) - I run our 66inch bars for the canoe and roof box or - the 12foot sailboat we car top on rare occasions.

The stock cross bars won't be long enough for you to pack more than one possibly two in the J-style tipped on their side kayak racks given you just dont have much bar width to work with.
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