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13 blk Outback 2.5i cvt AW package, bunch of other OEM accessories...12 blk F350 6.2 gasser 4x4...10 Goldwing red nav ...04 JD 4510 loader/bhoe
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Gotta give this dealership an A+++

Purchased a 2013 OB in late oct 2012. I had an unfortunate experience and the OB was just replaced with an identical new one @ 3,300 miles on the OD.

The dealership kept me informed as time passed, gave me A loner car for a month no charge, unlimited miles, everyone I dealt with was over the top!

It's a small dealership with down to earth people.

I highly recommend this place for your next Subaru purchase. I realize everyone can have a bad experience but, they turned what as bad into something bearable.:D

Dealing with both SOA and the dealership while in the process of possible repair/ replacement was at least pleasant knowing the brand new car I had purchased in oct was failing me.

When I purchased the car the front end did a fine job of making a deal. Buying a car can be a great experience if you go out the door happy!
Having dealt win the service department in such a level I've never had to before they kept a professional approach and knew the nature of my concerns and accommodated them.

Thank You Brattleboro Subaru,
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