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I called 6 Subaru dealers when I was researching my new Outback. Most had salespeople that seemed to be really predatory... On dealership, Terry Subaru in Lynchburg, told me that they could get the car that I wanted for a $500 deposit. In contrast, Brockman Subaru went ahead and brought the EXACT car that I wanted in. Fully loaded, eyesight, forest green, nav, etc... Simms Brockman let me know that it was in if I was interested in looking at it! She had a driver take it from all the way from Asheville, NC just for me. I stopped by the dealership to meet Simms and look at the car. I bought it the next day. The actual purchase was really fast and easy. Actually, it was the fastest and smoothest car deal that I ever made and it also involved me trading my Triumph motorcycle and H2 Hummer!
Brockman is simply amazing and I will be using them for years to come.
I recommend calling them for your next Subaru, even if you are in a different state!
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