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Hello! My first post - let's see how this goes.

I have an '05 Outback with the single CD player and manual climate controls.

Yesterday I received the Jazzy "Subaru Aux-In Pro Kit". I disconnected the car battery and started away with the installation as soon as I could, seeing as I have a road trip coming up in a few days. Everything went smoothly until:

I went out to the car to test the aux-in patch before putting everything back together and couldn't get power to the CD player by pressing the CD button on the stereo, or trying to insert a CD. All of the other functions on the stereo/dash/climate controls are in working order.

So, I took the stereo back inside, took it apart and verified that I had made all the correct connections and nothing came loose or otherwise. Again, testing it out revealed that pressing the CD button wouldn't turn the player on and neither would trying to insert a CD. Still, none of the other controls on the dash seemed to have malfunctioned.

At this point I figured my best bet was to try to reassemble the stereo the way it was before I added the Jazzy board and the CD player was working fine. I did so with no luck. As per usual, the CD player still won't turn on and all the other dash/radio control work perfectly.

Now I'm assuming there's some issue with the connections between the CD player and the radio (the ribbon cable, or the ribbon cable plugs) or the CD player itself died at some point during the installation. That would seem too convenient, but not impossible.

Has anyone seen a similar issue/know any solutions?

As I'm sure you've noticed already I'm a complete novice when it comes to working with electronics. I'm hoping I wont have to spend more money on some sort of Crutchfield/Pioneer aftermarket replacement.

Thanks for your help!
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