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Broken frame mount/control arm bracket...

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Over the past month my 2002 outback has been making some clanking noise on the front passenger side. Today I made a nice little check list to go over while I had it jacked up. Low in behold, something that wasn't on my list, I came across loose bolt on the control arm bushing clamp. Not necessarily loose, about an 1/8" of a gap:eek: My control arm had been clanking up and down against the frame. So yes, I did the obvious and tried to tighten to the preferred torque setting. The bolt didn't want to budge at all, even after a little pb blaster. I added a little leverage to my breaker bar........then POP! I broke the inside mount bolt, which I assume was welded to the frame on the backside. Definitely sucks.

My question there any way you can access the backside of the frame in that particular area, control arm bushing clamp, bolt closes to the outside? Doesn't look like you could do it through the wheel well, but possibly through the passenger side flooring?

Thanks guys!
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