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Brrr Chilly wake up in Cincy

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Hi all,
First, Let me get of saying while I've had my vehicle for over 2 years, I've never really did must in the way of "preventative maintenance" besides the regular oil changes and replacing my plugs / wires when needed. I bought my Vehicle used from a dealership ( 2007 outback, basic i believe, there was no owners manual to state otherwise) and got it for a rather decent price. Yes, it does have high mileage when i got it ( 135 k ) and Yes, it was a fleet car for the first few years of its life. Now, here is the issue...

I woke up today doing my normal thing getting ready to head out. When i go to turn on the Defrost, i was told to turn on the AC button to ensure the defrost works faster at defrosting the windshield, the rear defroster works just fine. after a few minutes of going back in to gather up by laptop bag and other misc. supplies for the day, i return to see that my defrost has not been working and i can hear a little motor running without any air flow. On top of which i know while in the past while the defrost is running, it also has heated the car up nicely ... not so today (to ensure it was just a defrost problem, i tried switching it to heat the foot well and then the driver/ passenger ... no luck on either) .. I did a bit of searches on this site, but it seems to be a lot of vaguely similar issues. Is it a Heater Core issue, do i need to take it in to the dealership ? or can it be fixed with a few parts i can buy at one of the local auto stores ? (I'm not much of a mechanic myself, but if shown how, i can do a decent job myself)

Thank you all for any advice you can give me,

Cincy Driver 2007