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2013, OB Limited, 2.5, dark gray. July 2016 - approx 55,000 miles.
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I have purchased some snow tires (225/60 R17) and am going to get them fitted to the factory wheels next weekend. The sales person tried to talk me into some low end alloys instead, which got me thinking and looking on eBay. I see the Scion GT86/Subaru BRZ wheels are: 17x7 with 5x100 and 48mm offset. This is the same as what the sales person said my Outback rims are.

Can I use BRZ wheels on an outback? I'll fit my summer tires to them (also 225/60 R17), and my factory Subaru rims will be winter wheels.

I was surprised that a rear wheel drive would have the same offsets as my AWD outback.



PS I will not buy alloy wheels that do not have the JLW certification (or equivalent), so these cheap rims from the tire shop are not a consideration. It's OEM wheels (not necessarily just from Subaru) or an aftermarket brand that has the certification, or nothing. The sales person said how the rims had a 1 year warranty. I'd rather have a quality wheel that meets higher certification than a warranty that I have to claim on when it breaks.
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