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Hey everyone.. First post and first time owner of a Subaru.

I've been toying around with a mod idea and looking for someone's two cents (good or bad). I've had push-to-start cars as long as I can remember, so with this 2015 Subaru Legacy, I often find myself sitting in the car with my keys in my pocket trying to figure out where the button to start the car has disappeared to.
I ran across and found their interest in their Smart Entry + Knob Start System system.
I prefer to have these type things installed by dealers or someone with far more experience than me. The problem is that I can't find any local installers, or really any installers. So I came up with a simple idea.

I know I need the entire key to use the car. My thoughts are using the knob idea. Separate the physical key from the electronic portion of the key and then incorporating the physical key with a knob. I'd then take the electric portion of the key and use it like one of the original key FOBs. The physical key would remain with the car, the electronic portion would remain on my keychain, in my pocket.

I'm not too comfortable messing with wiring and so on with a $24,000 car. And truthfully if I were to hard wire something myself, I'd want in depth instructions specific to my model car. I doubt I'd find these type instructions, so this alternative was the method that crossed my mind that I'd feel comfortable doing myself.



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