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Hello All,

I'm a new owner of a 2003 outback wagon limited automatic transmission, and through my effort of buying parts and what not, I thought I would list the recommended factory bulbs. If I missed some, or there are some mistakes, please feel free to make corrections.

I got this info from autozone's website btw.

Back up light: 1156
Brake light: 1157
Dome light: DE3175
Fog light: 9006
High beam: 9005
Low beam: H1
High mount stop light: 912
License plate: 194
Map light: DE3175
Parking light: 1157A
Side marker: 1157A
Step light (door?): 194
Tail light: 1157
Trunk/cargo: 912
Turn signal, front: 1157A or 1156A
Turn signal, rear: 7440

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