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My wife's 2007 OBW basic had a fender bender and punched in the right rear corner of the plastic bumper cover. I've got that punched out, and now want to do a cosmetic paint job on that corner to cover scratches, cracked paint (down to black plastic). The basic scheme is silver metallic on the body, and a darker tone color on the lower trim and bumpers.

Haven't checked her paint codes yet, but pretty sure hers is the
Brilliant Silver Metallic
Color Code: 39D on the body

Granite Gray Opal
Color Code: 35S on the "trim"


Question: I've read somewhere that "trim" color doesn't necessarily equate to "bumper cover" color.

I've dug around in the archives and online and struggling to find a straight answer.

Any advice from someone who's resolved this question?

Thanks in advance.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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