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Buying Gen. 2 OB this weekend

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I'm 18 and I've never gotten anything on my own like this.
Its going to be under my name and I wanted to know if there is anything I should look for in particular with these OBs im going to look at this weekend.
The mileage is pretty high so I'm sure there is some things i need to be careful about. Thanks for your advice.
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They look pretty clean.

The green one with higher miles has the all-weather package - heated seats, mirrors and wiper defroster. It's also missing a piece of body-side molding behind the passenger rear door.

Check underneath for rust. Inside the back doors and around the rear wheels are common spots. There was a recall for these for rear suspension components rusting out.

Try to get a good look under the engine. Look for any oil or coolant leaking from the head gaskets. If so, they'll need replaced.

Give it a good run to feel for any odd shifting or hesitation. Check all fluids as good as you can.

Drive it in tight circles to check for any clicking or grinding noises. This could be wheel bearings or CV joints for the axles.

You're likely to hear wind noise coming from the front doors near the mirrors. This is usually an easy fix. It's caused by the rubber seals that the window slides between at the mirror. Lower the window completely, then keep squeezing those seals together. Closing the doors by pushing on the windows is known to be the cause.
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