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Buying Gen. 2 OB this weekend

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I'm 18 and I've never gotten anything on my own like this.
Its going to be under my name and I wanted to know if there is anything I should look for in particular with these OBs im going to look at this weekend.
The mileage is pretty high so I'm sure there is some things i need to be careful about. Thanks for your advice.
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okay so it looks like the burgundy one has some sort of ignition problem. It started once fine, right at the lot the second go wouldnt turn it over. It had many other problems like a bad brake pedal and a not so flattering interior.
Now, the other one with the All-weather pkg, this one surprised me. Although it has about 40k more miles on it, it looks to be much more well taken care of. Pedals sensitivity is better, and interior is really pristine, i just need more info on what to look for.
I understand that since its an automatic with 240xxx miles i need to be careful about the transmission. Im not looking into paying someone to look at it for me, but how will i tell if it has had a new transmission, i heard somewhere that around 180-190 is where these start to have transmission issues. Im hoping it already went through it but if not should i be worried since it looks really well taken care of already. Everything works im going to end up paying about 4800 plues 19 interest, 218 monthly. (18 year old no credit, credit union loan)
im going this friday please, give me a heads up
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1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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