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Cable Chains for Subaru OB

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Hey guys, I'm planning to take my new OB 2.5 2013 on a roadtrip to Death Valley. I will be passing through some mountain areas and want to make sure get the chains. My tires are Stock tires, I'm thinking I should get the cable chain from Amazon, should I get a pair or two?
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I have heard CHP making the vehicles turn around if they don't carry chains on I-5. Just ordered Z143 from Amazon for $74 a few dollars more than Walmart but I can't find any cheaper chain to buy locally.
The only time I have seen inspections to determine if chains are in your possession are big rig truckers. In this case, Caltrans is doing the inspections, not CHP.
From a practical standpoint, CHP does not have the staffing to stop every vehicle on a major highway to see if chains are buried in the trunk somewhere.
From a common sense standpoint, such a check point would create a traffic jamb 50 miles long.
This does mean inspections might (but very unlikely) occur on sparsely traveled secondary roads in the Sierra.
CHP and Caltrans will turn you around at a chain control checkpoint if chains are not mounted on a vehicle that should have them on.
Also I'll be backpacking Surprise Canyon to Panamint City :)

BTW, Jealous. ;)
BTW, Jealous. ;)

I like this place, I visited DVNP in 2011 with my parents it was end of September but still extremely hot, spent a 3 days and wanted to come back again. Can't wait to get back :) pass through Panamint Valley (adjacent to Death Valley) - and a very cool, quiet little resort - Panamint Springs Resort - totally away from everything. The little lodge has a very cool little bar with a lot of REALLY GOOD imported beers.
I LOVE that place! There is a nice veranda out front with deep shade, and plenty of roadrunners around for a bit of amusement. This cat (check out those desert paw pads!) sat and drank with us :)


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21 - 24 of 24 Posts
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