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It's super hard to find a dealership in this area that is not full of crooked salesmen or competent maintenance mechanics.

Received my new 2020 Outback Limited XT and got it home.

I did a bumper to bumper inspection on it and found a few interesting things.

All 4 tires were over inflated. 40 psi, not the door sticker factory spec. (Strangely, I've not found ONE dealership maintenance garage in the bay area that knows how to properly inflate a tire)
Cabin air filter was full of dust, seed pots, and yes, mouse poop. The filter actually looked like it should after a year of use. (second new car received like this in the bay area, different dealer)
Engine Oil was about .2 or .3 liters over filled. (looks like they put 5 quarts+ in)
Battery was close to being dead. (expected, it was a show room car, even batteries on the lot are not fully charged)

This is just a list of things you should tell them to check BEFORE you take possession of a new car. OR be like me and don't trust them to do it right, and do it yourself.

I plan to do 100% of the maintenance on my vehicle as I am an auto mechanic by trade and know how to keep the proper records. The ONLY time this vehicle will see a dealership again is for a warranty repair or recall.

My past experience with maintenance from dealerships in the past around here has been horrible. You just have to watch them and make sure they actually do the work. 3 of 4 oil changes I took my last vehicle in for (toyota) they did not even change the oil. They rotated the tires and checked fluid levels and that was it. I was pretty furious ♥

ANYWAYS, let this be a little lesson for everyone for little things to look out for when taking possession of your new car.
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