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My 2005 Outback is displaying CALL on its display screen.
Will not allow radio or cds to play and volume is 0.
The unit will eventually drain the battery completely.
Removing fuses will not turn off the CALL message.
Called Subaru. No help. Haven't seen this. Go to a dealer.
Dealer had not heard of this either and says they don't diagnose on this type of radio. The answer is replace since there is something wrong in unit but CALL does not tell them anything.
Price is $1475.
It would seem that someone knows what this message means and how to fix.
Any info would help.
UPDATE 10122017 - After having to disconnect the battery every night the CALL message has disappeared. Must be an electrical issue. Glad I did not buy a new radio. Sad that Subaru has no idea what is going on and did not do any diagnostics to pinpoint issues. Leaving Subaru due to lack of necessary customer service.
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