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Cam Issue

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So I replaced the HG on the driver side of an EJ25. I put the head back on and torqued the bolts. After I did that there was an issue getting the cams back in. The top one went in with no issue while the bottom will not line up correctly. The diagram in the FSM shows the notches both facing up. The bottom cam will not go in with the notch up. It will go in with the notch facing down but not up. My wife spoke with the auto tech instructor at her school and he said to turn the crank until it will slide in. Tried that. No dice. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated at this time. Thanks in advance!
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I have always just put them in without worrying about the rotation. With the notch on the crank pulley lined up with the crank sensor mark you will be able to install the cams with the lobes in a neutral position not pressing on the valves and then rotate them later into position for installing the timing belt without it touching the pistons. But I can't remember if I had to fight a little with the springs or not with slowly tightening the caps down to pull it in. Just remember to use lots of lube!

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Sorry I'm trying to understand everything and I'm in way over my head. So you put it in and then rotate it?
it will not slide in with the correct alignment. you have to find an alignment that WILL let you slide it in and then rotate it to the correct position. it may be a little tricky to get cam to sit in the correct position but you should be able to get it. but it is only critical that it is correct when you install the belt. up till then it can sit anyway.

PS: MAKE SURE THE CRANK IS IN THE CORRECT POSITION. this will guarantee that none of the pistons are at the top of the cylinder where they would hit the valves.
Thanks for the help! I got it most of the way done this evening but the valve cover gaskets that came with my headgasket kit were wrong so now I have to try and get the right ones.
what kit did you buy?

did the kit include the head gasket.?
Based on this video beginning at about 4:30, it looks like the cams are at the round parts on the lobes. The double mark on the bottom cam gets rotated counterclockwise from about 2 o'clock to 12 o'clock and the upper gets rotated clockwise from 4 o'clock to 6 o'clock. At least when I do mine, that's where I'm starting and I hope it works.

Is the valve cover gaskets were wrong you probably got a 2.5 SOHC or 2.2 SOHC kit. Are the other gaskets and seals right?
For lack of better words the gaskets had extra knobs on it. I ended up just putting them in and then with the sprockets on lined it up.
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