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We are an Auto Repair Shop and are having the toughest time with a 2009 Subaru Impreza 2.5 L 2457 CC H4 DOHC 16 Valve. We replaced the engine at 40,000 miles and it went out to the customer and came back the next day on a tow truck. The belt broke again and 2 camshafts have broke. We are beyond baffled with what the issue is and how to go about fixing it. Any ideas?


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hahaha - you're a professional, trained shop and can't figure it out but we will with a few disjointed sentences. don't take offense, that's just funny.

1. why was the first engine replaced?
2. what was the source of the replacement engine?
3. is it an automatic or manual?
4. what does "camshafts breaking" mean? this is entirely you mean the actual shaft or the sprockets and do you mean the first engine failed this way and the replacement and do you mean one or both camshafts on one or both engines?

there's about 100 different scenarios here. give us a real clear timeline of data.

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If real, a nice little mystery.

I'm going to say
no oil to the cams, they seized at one of the journals, then snapped,
one cam journal each side is a bit low or high (don't ask me how!) and the cams had to flex a tiny bit with each rotation, and the metal fatigued to breakage.
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