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Me and my 1997 OBW went through Head Gasket and Torque Bind problems ...

Thanks to members for help with that! I sold it to a lucky young couple. (no rust, 120K miles, lotsa new parts)

Now I see for sale. "2002 OBW, 2.5i premium awd with Auto Trans", Price $4500.

Condition says "Like New". Mileage says 3100. Yes 3100 ! (31,000 would be great)

So I am wondering if 2002 models could have defects (head gasket, torque bind ?

Since I am now looking for another wagon in the Gen 2 &3 year 2000-2010 range, what cautions or pros/cons should I be aware of please?

What are your favorites in the OBW models?

Thanks again !!!

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3100 might be the miles/ kms on the new / rebuilt engine.


2000-2009 H4 N/A have external head gasket oil leaks n their original single layer steel head gaskets, (subaru switched to all Multilayer steel head gaskets around 2010 for the H4 N/A engines).

subaru used MLS headgaskets on H6 and turbo models

although any aluminum engine could be given a head gasket problem by someone driving around low on coolant. (plenty of H6 models sold with lurking head gasket problems, that is the reason they are being sold, and the economic solution is a used JDM engine.).


torque bind: avoid buying cars from people that mismatch the tires. although many a subaru is sold with a new pair,...(like it had a aligment problem, that ate a old pair away, and the seller does not know mismatched pairs of tires on a subaru make experienced buyers run).


Best: 2010-2014 H6 models, (plenty of HP/ torque, no turbo to blowup or take care of, and the 5EAT with VDC ).
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