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Ok not related to the Op's question but this is the perfect thread to ask. Sometimes I use the paddles when driving two-lane winding canyon type roads, it takes an otherwise boring car and makes the drive feel somewhat more enthusiastic. Also the car is always in the Powerband when you come out of tight corner or off an apex.

I also occationally use the paddle shifters when say I want a jump or rabbit-like start off the line. Our CVT is horrible at starting from a dead stop when you want max or near Max power from the 2.5. The Pre selected 1st gear point appears to be lower than whatever the CVT chooses for you and what I find when you up shift to 2nd using the paddles in this situation is almost like getting a sling-shot like boost, at least in my car. I only use this feature rarely but when I do I greatly appreciate them. I would hate to be left with just the CVT only.

My question though is..... Is it bad or hard on the CVT transmission if you stay On the gas while you up shift the car or should or do you guys let off in between up shifts? My car seems to up-shift lightning fast almost like rapid fire and at times I wonder if that's to harsh for the CVT? I also try to blip the throttle as to rev- match when ever possible, it's tricky with how fast the car changes the gear points when downshifting coupled with a somewhat slow to respond drive by wire throttle but fun when executed on a twisty back road.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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